Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Merkabah - Merkabah EP

"Merkabah was founded at the end of 2007 in Warsaw, Poland. Their music can be described as psychedelic metal combining improvised, noisy soundscapes with more precise, aggressive riffs and post-rock melodies. It often includes electronic influences, as well as tribal rhythms, all mixed with a feel of freedom and experimentation."
Label/Date: self-released, 2009
Genre: sludge, drone, experimental, post-rock
From: Warszawa, Poland
Similar/Related: Heirs, Morkobot, Lento, Zodiak, Lustmord, Teeth of the Sea, Kayo Dot
Website : Myspace


thirdeye said...

really nice band thanks.

soundweave said...

thanks for listening

Anonymous said...

Merkabah - 2011 - Lyonesse [live]EP download:

Anonymous said...

New album available for full download ->