Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heirs - Alchera

"Heirs is the marriage of dark and light. The pain and hopelessness of addiction vs the elation of freedom.
Drawing influence from Michael Gira and his Swans legacy, the sledgehammer riffs and industrial pummel of Godflesh, and continuing Stegeman's incense shrouded low-end incantations from his work with doom dealers Whitehorse, Heirs debut album strips bare the needless excesses of post-rock and heavy metal in favour of something much more concise and affecting. A lurching drugged-out specter - holding solace in one hand, and vengeance in the other."
Label/Date: Denovali Records, 2009
Genre: drone, doom, ambient, sludge
From: Victoria, Australia
Similar/Related: Cult of Luna, Omega Massif, Swans, Earth, Orca, HKY, Godflesh, Kayo Dot
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