Saturday, May 23, 2009

Manatees - Icarus the Sunclimber

"From Carlisle, UK, Manatees are masters of seamlessly mixing destructive crushing heaviness with moving passages of eerie atmospherics and introspective ambience. Laced with feedback and noise, Icarus, The Sunclimber is far darker and bleaker than their previous release We are going to track down and kill Vintage Claytahh, the beard burning bastard, a recording that saw them collaborate with Oxbow front man Eugene Robinson. Capturing the raw, stripped down intensity of their near deafening live show, this is a record that for which maximum volume is a must."
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Label/Date: Eyesofsound, 2009
Genre: Sludge, Post-Metal, Progressive
From: Carlisle, UK
Similar/Related: Kongh, Thou, Eyehategod, Year of No Light, Minsk, A Storm Of Light, Suma, Zoroaster, Eibon, Khanate, Yob, Mouth of the Architect, Indian, Harvey Milk
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