Thursday, May 14, 2009

Action Beat - The Noise Band From Bletchley

"Action Beat are an improv noise/no-wave band which is often made up of musicians who are available to play the gig on any particular date. They sound quite like early Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and the Boredoms. They normally have at least 4 guitarists, a bassist, a baritone and between 1 and 4 drummers and have also played with brass and string instruments in the line-up."
Download: mediafire Thanks Josh!
Label/Date: Truth Cult (Southern Records), 2009
Genre: noise-rock, improv, experimental, krautrock
From: United Kingdom
Similar/Related: Rhys Chatham, Sonic Youth, Lightning Bolt, Glenn Branca, Tone, Boredoms, The Psychic Paramount, Health
Website : Myspace


lotsofswords said...

Their myspace now says they are unable to do a US tour. I was going to hook them up with a show in NY :( excellent blog btw.


zokuchou said...

Dead link I'm afraid (mediafire)