Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Silencio - Dead Kings

Download: zshare
Label/Date: Mountain Collective, 2004
Genre: "a righteously catchy pop/grind/jazz/avant/prog/salsa/death epic !" -Crucial Blast
From: Columbus, Ohio
LIYL: Mr Bungle/Fantomas, Naked City, Flying Luttenbachers, Coptic Light, Samuel Jackson 5, Ruins, King Crimson, Don Cab, Battles, Coltrane, Iceburn, Kayo Dot
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hey love your blog, sooo much great stuff to discover! this one looks extra exciting, but it doesnt look like the link is working? could you re-upload it?

Jimbo said...


np bai!


Excellent!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Love the site, brother.

Great references with a lot of really grounded musical observations.

Keep it creative!

Italia said...

One listen of The King is Dead is all it took for me to remember why I still love this band, and it took none of the effort I had to invest in their bigger albums. The Decemberists, to me, don't write pretty music or clever lyrics as much as they conjure up a portal to somewhere far more romantic and beautifully tragic. Songs like Grace Cathedral Hill or On The Bus Mall still never fail to pull me into their worlds. This time around, things are far simpler than they ever have been, but the effect is similar. There are no long songs, nothing that will require 15 minutes of focus and a dictionary to figure out, nothing set in the late 1800s, and no tragically doomed romance. The result is a beautifully coherent album that may not pull you out of reality like their past works, but it will wrap this world in a gauzy glow for the sublime 40 minutes it sticks around.