Saturday, July 5, 2008

Clouds - We Are Above You

"From 70s blues-rock riffs to hardcore punk to macho stoner metal, Clouds is equally good at all of it"
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Label/Date: Hydra Head Records, 2008
Genre: rock, metal, hardcore
From: Boston, Massachusetts
LIYL: Melvins, Torche, Baroness, Boris, Clutch, Akimbo, Black Mountain, Motorhead, Cave In, Led Zeppelin, Black Flag
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Sonicly Speaking said...

Seeing I guess. Boris/Torche/Clouds stoked.

soundweave said...

I'm going to the Toronto Boris/Torche show which unfortunatly doesn't have Clouds. But Nachtmystium should be good.

Gregory said...

I saw torch play about two months ago in Memphis, they opened up for Sword. It would've been a shit ton better show if cloud had played instead of Sword