Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reeks and the Wrecks - Knife Hits

"An old drum kit. Homemade amps. A dented old trombone. A bucket and a handful of firecrackers. The Reeks make a sound that is otherworldly. Dark and stumbling, folk-flecked basement blues. A mix of woozy slide guitar, swampy trombone, sparse and erratic percussion, tape hiss, amp buzz, shortwave interference and dark doomy brilliance." --tUMULt
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Label/Date: tUMULt, 2005
Genre: experimental rock/blues
From: Bellingham, Washington
LIYL: Old Time Relijun, Hazmat Modine, Captain Beefheart, Mr Bungle, Gran Cuervo, Tom Waits, Warhammer 48K
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