Thursday, May 29, 2008

La Ira De Dios

Hacia el Sol Rojo (2005)
Download: megaupload

Archaeopterix (2006)
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Cosmos Kaos Destruccion (2008)
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Genre: psychedelic garage rock
From: Lima, Peru
LIYL: Mammatus, The Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Acid Mothers Temple, The Sonics, Earthless, Ash Ra Tempel, Bardo Pond
Website : Myspace


mr.A said...

I already have them , but thank you very much for pointing me and my readers on this records.

I like the LITE album to, i never heared of them before, but that is some serious good stuff

Cocalero said...

I never heared this band.. and, is great.. very psychedelic.

Cheack my blog if you want:

Greetings from Argentina. Cheers!

Sonicly Speaking said...

I want to call this the spanish Boris. Great stuff!