Friday, August 12, 2011

Hippin and a hoppin

Soundweave Hip Hop Mix Part I. The first of many parts to come.


ryanb said...

Finally! Nice mix! I'm downloaded and will make a proper mixed mix tape out of it and send you a copy in the next couple of days. Hope all is well

soundweave said...

Thanks ryan

Anonymous said...

love you mang

Unknown said...

Hey ,

My name is Alex Lee and I work at Studio SQ in San Francisco doing PR for up and coming bands.

I'm always looking for tastemakers in certain genres such as yourself to send some exclusive music to and I was hoping to get some sort of contact info from you so that I could do that. That's if you're interested of course.

You can contact me at



HMPZ said...

Many new artists for me in this one. Thanks for compiling!