Monday, June 6, 2011

Guadalupe Plata

self-released, 2011

"Creepy Hi-LO-Fi swampy espanafied punkass monster blues" from Ubeda, Spain. Sounds like Old Time Relijun to me. You can download both releases free from their bandcamp site. and you can see an awesome video by them here (trust me you'll want to check it out ;)

bandcamp : Myspace


yeoldstinkeye said...

Great Video from them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Soundweave:

Deafheaven's "Roads to Judah" is the album of the year. Not even kidding. Just thought I'd let you know early. :)

soundweave said...

wow stinkeye that video is great!
i'll check out Deafheaven soon

Zezozose said...

Awesome stuff, great video.

Rocketrumble said...

great! thanks/