Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles - Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

Tea Sea Records, 2010

This mash-up sounds like a crackpot idea but it works pretty damn well. I don't see any mention of this album on this guy's site or myspace, except for this. Maybe he was threatened by Wu-lawyers!

"Some fellow named Tom Caruana took Wu-cappelas from various group and solo albums and put them over new productions made vaguely from Beatles samples and Beatles covers samples and some shit that couldn’t possibly be Beatles samples but must be. Thankfully, his pilfering of Liverpool’s finest is barely recognizable, except for Ghost’s “Mighty Healthy” which is now Pretty Toney rapping directly over Paul’s singing (kind of awesome) and dirty skank. If anything, Caruana holds pretty true to RZA and co.’s original mood, if not making Shaolin sound a whole helluva lot more awesome than it actually is." - Peter Macia, The Fader
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