Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs

self titled, AVOCADO records, 2008

Sounds like té with poppy vocals. Fantastic high energy stuff!
"Mass of the Fermenting Dregs is a post-rock/shoegaze trio formed in Kobe, Japan in 2002. They are also popularly known by a shortened form of their name, Masu Dore. They are known for a tightly arranged, guitar-driven style, melodic pop vocals and a high-energy stage presence at their live events" -wiki
LIYL: té, Sgt, Lite, Asobi Seksu, Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Low Frequency In Stereo, Mudy on the Sakuban, Buffalo Daughter
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I got the word 'plow' in the captcha this time.