Monday, December 21, 2009

Bodychoke - Cold River Songs

"Bodychoke was an experimental noise rock side-project of Power Electronics band Sutcliffe Jügend active between 1993 and 1999. The band released 4 albums, one of which was produced by Steve Albini. Their music expressed themes of hate and disgust, as well as some of the sexual perversion and death tackled by Sutcliffe Jügend."

"The band's style is hard to categorise, a combination of noise rock, post-rock, industrial music and even gothic rock elements. A typical Bodychoke song is driven along by a strong repetitive riff on the bass and drums, tensioned against layers of distorted guitar noise, with vocals ranging from bassy murmurs to deranged screaming. From 1996, 'cello featured as both a melodic and rhythmic element, and sometimes as a source of ambient sound-effects. The arrival of Manu Ros in 1998 brought a more complex, 'tribal' feel to the drumming." -wiki

Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Purity, 1998/ Relapse, 2009 reissue
Genre: crushing noise-rock
From: London, England
Similar/Related: Swans, Hammerhead, Neurosis, Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard, Oxbow, Godflesh, Big Black, Mouth of the Architect, Minsk, Sutcliffe Jugend, Whitehouse
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mr.A said...

Happy holidays dude.... and keep up the good work with the tunes, you'll keep ammazing me.

soundweave said...

Thanks man. Same to you. Cheers!

macumbista said...

Headers of these files seem screwed up, they report the wrong length and bitrate, and the songs end halfway through. Anybody have an idea how to fix this?