Sunday, October 11, 2009

TV Buddhas - The Golden Period

"In the world of two-people bands nothing much counts but the energy and drive they put behind their music. This is what set e.g. Lightning Bolt, United Movement and (early) White Stripes apart from the mediocre rest of two-people bands (and especially that breed that plays instrumental noise rock and usually gets as boring as the third rerun of The Golden Girls, but I am disgressing.) If a two piece band has drive and energy, it can be great. And, in fact, this is what makes “the golden period” by the TV Buddhas such a great record. A driving, energetic piece of sometimes overconstructed noise rock with equal parts songwriting and chaos in the mix to make it outstanding. Yeah, that and the band hailing from Tel Aviv, Isreal." - cracked

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Label/Date: Trost, 2009
Genre: garage, psych, blues, noise-rock. guitar/drums duo
From: Tel Aviv, Israel
Similar/Related: White Stripes, Lullabye Orchestra, Lightning Bolt, Witch, Monotonix, Black Angels, Dan Melchior's Broke Revue, Comets on Fire, Neil Young, Tee Pee Records
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belisario said...

luv 2 people bands. gonna try this
cheers bruv!

Ulrik said...

Thank you for this excellent record. It sounds really good.