Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cloudkicker - The Discovery/The Map is Not the Territory

Cloudkicker is Ben Sharp. His releases are free to download from his site. Get them both!:
"It costs me absolutely nothing to create the music. Zero dollars. I record all the guitars and bass straight into my laptop and program the drums using this one sequencing program, then I mix and master everything myself. The only thing that costs money are guitar strings, but I have a full-time job so it’s no big deal. If you paid money for this you're a sucker. Headphones or very loud speakers are required, drugs are optional."

Label/Date: self released, 2008/2009
Genre: instrumental metal, post-metal
From: Columbus, Ohio
Similar/Related: Devin Townsend/SYL, Meshuggah, Shelter Red, Intronaut, Pelican, Omega Massif, Dysrhythmia, Monkey3, Daleth
Website : Myspace

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