Monday, December 15, 2008

Fire on Fire - The Orchard

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Label/Date: Young God Records, 2008
Genre: folk, bluegrass, gospel, psych
From: Portland, Maine
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"Fire On Fire used to be the art-punk-prog-chaos collective Cerberus Shoal, but they ditched their electric instruments, went into hiding for a while, and now play all acoustic--stand up bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonium, accordion, acoustic guitar, dobro etc etc, and they all sing and harmonize on the songs. Live, they do it "old school" and just use two mics placed in front of them on the stage, like a bluegrass band. They all live in the same house up in Maine, across from rusting green oil tanks, apparently. To me they sound like a backwoods, fierce, psychedelic Mamas And The Papas or a crazed and joyously vengeful gospel string band." - Michael Gira/Young God Records 2008


Anonymous said...

thank you lover

Julien Vanderhaeghen said...

i was a fan of Cerberus Shoal, this is soooo good as well! Thanks for this! I'll share it around!