Monday, September 29, 2008

Todd - Purity Pledge

"..some of the nastiest, heaviest, hardcore/punk/noise rock ever. Repeat...EVER! Wave after wave of distorted noise-wrapped powerchords spill out of the speakers. The vocals are hideous growls, blunt shouts, and modulated washes. There are some keyboards added, but only to heighten the dymensia and further confuse the listener. " - [shiny grey monotone]
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Label/Date: Southern, 2005
Genre: hardcore/punk/noise/experimental
From: London, UK
Similar/Related: Am-Rep bands, Hammerhead/Vaz, Big Black/Rapeman, Young Widows, Boris, Kylesa, Jesus Lizard, Jucifer, Ministry, Part Chimp, Magik Markers, Killdozer
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