Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daturah - Reverie

Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Graveface Rec, 2008
Genre: post-rock, post-metal
From: Frankfurt/Main, Germany
LIYL: Caspian, Omega Massif, Belegost, Mono, Isis, EITS
Myspace: /daturah


pushit said...

the file is no longer available. reason: deleted by rapidshare faggots.

tyrannosaurusjr said...

I guess I was kind of looking to get this. Too bad. And what's up with the reference to ex-Io drummer JD's short-lived Philly band Belegost? That's a good thing, but I figured most of the kids outside of maybe Philly who knew about them were the Pittsburgh kids who still lamented Io's break up (what a great last show...)

soundweave said...

I think a lot of post-rock fans know about Belegost through their split with The Sea Like Lead that was shared in many forums and blogs. They were great.

.. said...

hello from Paris,
nice blog !
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Marcello L. a.k.a. Maddy Lee said...

This blog is awesome!
I've been downloading all the 100 best of 2007 but I can't open Alabama Thunderpussy (Open Fire) 'cause I couldn't find the password...
Best wishes from Brasil.

ACP-28/Y said...

hi... i just discovered your blog, good stuff

Anonymous said...

belíssima banda, esse último trampo tá simplesmente perfeito.
uma viagem ao infinito!