Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Paine - Dioxidetunnel with a Red-Light and Endless Feeling

"Paine (translation: Pressure) combines the strengths of guitarist/keyboardist/voice manipulator Jyrki Laiho (ex-Circle), drummer/keyboardist/bassist Juha Ahtiainen (Ovalki; ex-Circle), drummer/bassist Janne Peltomäki (ex-Circle) and drummer/bassist Veli Nuorsaari (Kuusumun Profeetta). Despite a reliance on taut, oppressive structures that recall their mother band, these veterans have rapidly established their own identity by carving up hollow-eyed, sci-fi metal with unmatched efficiency and exhilarating force. The quartet’s sleek, muscular four-song debut, Dioxidetunnel with a Red-Light and Endless Feeling (Kaaari), boasts the brawniest organic-meets-industrial rush since the glory days of Chrome or Hawkwind. Mysterious, spoken samples hover over controlled, robotic riffing, like some NASA broadcast gone horribly wrong. An obvious choice for EP of the year." - Jordan N. Mamone, Dusted Magazine (from a great feature called Finland Calling)
Download: mediafire
Label/Date: Kaaari, 2006
Genre: industrial krautrock
From: Finland
LIYL: Circle, Godflesh, Faust, Ministry
Can't find band or label websites or a place to buy this cd.

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easyreader said...

Hi, I'm very Like Circle/Ektroverde/Ovalki
only here I found this album !please! re-up