Thursday, March 22, 2007

Theta Naught

Theta Naught with Alex Caldiero - Sound Weave

Theta Naught’s third independent release, Sound Weave, is in collaboration with poet and word-shaker Alex Caldiero. As with previous releases, this album was recorded completely live and improvisational. The first disc is with Alex and can be a difficult listen trying to get used to his weird style of ranting. The second disc is Theta Naught's regular great sound without vocals.
Download: Disc 1 (megaupload)
Download: Disc 2 (megaupload)
Label/Date: Differential Records, 2006
Standout tracks:
Genre: post-rock, improv/spoken-word
From: Salt Lake City, Utah
LIYL: Tulsa Drone, Blueneck, GYBE!, Grails
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Review: silent ballet

Theta Naught - Abacus

Their best release. Second album, 2004.
Download: megaupload
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