Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grayceon - Grayceon

Download: mediafire(includes "Love Is" from 2006 demo)
Label/Date: Vendlus Records, 2007
Genre: proggy post-rock/metal
From: San Francisco
LIYL: Amber Asylum, Apocalyptica, Neurosis, Battle of Mice
Buy: vendlus
Review: digitalmetal
Info: Grayceon is an atypical three-piece from San Francisco comprised of electric cello, guitar, drums, and vocals. Pulling together an extremely diverse range of musical influences and writing styles, Grayceon's fresh sound defies the boundaries of the metal/rock/progressive genres. Screaming melodic lines over distinct guitar "chunk," doom riffs, jazz chord progressions, intricate folk-like delicacies, and just about everything in between can be found in a single Grayceon track. - Vendlus records

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InBetula said...

Doesn't work, can you please re-upload... I would really appreciate it. :)